In the last three years of blogging and freelance writing, I’ve collected a lot of miscellaneous data. It’s part of the job. Like carrying a vacuum cleaner everywhere you go just in case an important snippet shows up that could be used in your work.

Oh, look, a Brené Brown quote. It’s getting away. Get back here, you!

They fritter away so easily, don’t they?

Well, one app has made it much easier to collect all those snippets in one place. That app is Evernote. I’m telling you; my business has improved greatly as a result. Capturing those rich details like quotes, statistics, creative inspirations, etc., enhance your work, giving the reader a better experience, and saving you oodles of time re-hunting and re-gathering.

I’ve compiled five of my favorite benefits from Evernote. Check ’em out.

5 Reasons Why Evernote Is My Favorite Writing App

5 Reasons why Evernote is a great tool for writers.

1. It’s free.

Great gravy, that’s nice when you’re just starting out, isn’t it? There is a paid plan, but you can gain tons of value from the app by simply using the free version first.

2. Evernote syncs your phone with your computer.

If you want to type a chapter in your book from your phone in the waiting room, Evernote will save it and make it available on your desktop. Copy and paste it onto your Word, Pages, or Scrivener doc, and you’re done.

3. You can record audio.

Ever get a brilliant idea when you’re driving? This used to drive me bonkers because I couldn’t write it down. One time, I even pulled the car over and scribbled down the whole article on my notebook in a parking lot. Now, I use Evernote’s audio feature and talk as much as I want, hands-free. My eyes can stay safely on the road as I capture my idea on Evernote.

This is also a great tool when you’re interviewing sources. I’ve used it more than once and it’s very dependable.

4. It learns about your preferences.

I recently discovered Evernote has a “Shortcuts” tab. It offers a few of my most recent or frequently accessed notes to make it quicker for me to work. I love being given access to them because, as a writer, they’re likely the ones I’m still working on.

5. It’s great for collecting research.

The other day, I typed a few ideas in Evernote about a subject I wanted to include in my upcoming book about mom-guilt. I realized I wanted to cite the book I’d just been reading, but wasn’t sure which quote to use. Then I discovered I could take a photo of the book right in the note. Now, when I type that chapter, I’ll have my outline for the subject and the exact page from the book I plan to quote.

I’m sure there are many other features in Evernote I’m missing, but those five have served me well. Do you have any favorite apps for writing?

For more tips and tools, check out my Writing Resources page!


Photo by Maliha Mannan on Unsplash

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