I’m so excited to introduce a brand new resource to you! “The Stay-at-Home Mom Blueprint” is my very first eBook and it’s available now!

SAHM blueprint ebook

The stay-at-home what?

I’ve heard from so many women who desperately want to stay home more with their babies but can’t afford it.

One day, I wondered how I could bridge the gap of my two passions – family and finance – to create a beneficial resource.

That’s when I read an article written by a mother of two who was exhausted, stressed, and flat-out scared from financial instability. Living paycheck to paycheck is a reality three out of every four people face.

My heart breaks for anyone who can’t have that dream. I almost didn’t reach it, either, but through years of habit-changing, trial and error, and determination, my husband and I were finally able to live on his income and I stayed home full-time with our two children.

We figured out, by the grace of God, how to stop living paycheck to paycheck.

“The Stay-at-Home Mom Blueprint” includes the full extent of my journey out of debt with my husband. It also includes 150 strategies to save money, cut back, chop debt, earn money from home, and afford your dream of staying home.

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