My September Freelance Writing Income Report – $1,502.20

Every month, I use my platform to educate, encourage, and hopefully inspire fellow writers who'd like to make money freelancing. In my last income report, I explained how I made the difficult decision to reduce my volume of clients at the risk of almost obliterating my income. This was to follow God's call for me [...]

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My August Freelance Writing Income Report – $884.90 [And Why I Purposely Reduced My Clients]

Three years ago, I jokingly drafted a blog post called "How to Gain Zero Followers and Earn Nothing as a Blogger in JUST 6 Months!" It was my way of laughing off the reality that comes with starting an online business. Success doesn't happen overnight. In my case, as a part-timer and busy mom of [...]

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5 Practical Ways to Study Your Writing Craft as a Busy WAHM

The other day, my kids and I watched an interviewer ask the cast of Moana to share their favorite food. When it got to Dwayne Johnson, who does the voice of Maui, he replied, "Do you mean on cheat day?" He must be a student of health and nutrition in order to maintain his physique. [...]

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What to Do When You Feel Discouraged In Your Writing Business

Audra Rogers from Real Honest Mom crafted this timely post to share her firsthand experience and best tips for encouraging you in your writing business endeavors. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us today, Audra! You will experience a wide range of emotions while you're getting a writing business up and running. I have [...]

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My July Freelance Writing Income Report – $1,786.20

Two years ago, I earned a penny a word and couldn’t imagine actually making decent money writing. Turns out, I was missing a few key lessons in my education. After taking a training course called “30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success,” my entire writing career changed. You know when scrawny, asthmatic Steve Rogers steps [...]

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The One Thing You Need To Be A Successful Freelance Writer

I'm beyond ecstatic to introduce today's guest writer. This is a full circle moment for me and I'll tell you why. Audra Rogers from Real Honest Mom is the person who first inspired me to become a successful freelance writer. Two years ago, I read her post "How I Made $1,200 Working Part-time As a Freelance Writer" [...]

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My June Freelance Writing Income Report – How I Earned $1,466.14

The other day, a book on my nightstand caught my eye. It was Ernest Hemingway's memoir "A Moveable Feast." The photo of clean-shaven, twenty-something Hemingway sent a chill through me that day. Something about his sad. A man who achieved one of the ultimate goals for writers - creating timeless classics - still died [...]

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The Soul-Soothing Benefits of Giving Your Work to God

Today we have a guest writer joining us! HJ Ozborn is a rural Nebraska girl currently living in Urban Colorado. Outside of her work in the world of mental health she is a writer, for hobby and hire. Her blog, Simply Writeous, features stories inspired by projects & DIY, gardening, cooking, family and faith.  She's here [...]

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My Top 3 Strategies for Organically Growing Your Facebook Page [VIDEO]

VIDEO LESSON - You don't get to see this side of me very often, but I've spent the last few months trying out new media techniques to spread my message. Video is one of my more terrifying ones! The more I do it (even when I'm still scared), the more I scratch my head and [...]

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My May Freelance Writing Income Report and Book Launch Results – $2,512.24

Each month, I learn more and more about this world of freelance writing. I'm keen to share my recent discoveries with you all. Last month was an experience like no other. I bring you my May freelance writing income report and book launch update. Why do I share my income reports? When I was a [...]

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