My April Freelance Writing Income Report – $2,799.70

I began my freelance writing career in 2015, making $5 per article or less. Those were the days of ghostwriting in content mills and guest posting on blogs for free. Since then, I've grown my business as a work-at-home mom, spending 10 to 15 hours per week on writing. To see how things are going [...]

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My March Freelance Writing Report – $1,619.40

Business is growing, but the struggle to maintain that elusive thing called "balance" increases. I now have three steady clients with whom I greatly enjoy working. The work is challenging and meaningful. I publish approximately 2,500 words per week and am growing every day in my field. My background is in banking, so I predominately [...]

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4 Major Lessons I Learned from My First Writing Retreat

I decided to write an eBook last fall. Something to specifically help moms afford the lifestyle of staying home. I hired someone to create the cover, an editor, and my sister-in-law hand-drew several awesome graphics to illustrate the book. Everything was really looking great and I even assembled my launch team. Tough Love After I [...]

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My January Freelance Writing Income Report – $2,458.80

If you're new to the world of freelance writing and want to know if it's really possible to make money, then this article is for you. I don't write for the love of money, nor do I post monthly income reports to boast. It actually makes me feel majorly vulnerable because I'm putting a part of [...]

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3 Baby Steps to Becoming a Freelance Writer

If you’re a stay-at-home parent or plan to become one, and you also have a dream of becoming a freelance writer, I have some encouraging news. One year ago, I was in the same boat as you. My three biggest hurdles were: Lack of time. With two little ones at home, I didn't know how I [...]

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My December Freelance Writing Income Report – $4,648

Emma Stone won a Golden Globe recently for her performance in La La Land. In her acceptance speech, she encouraged the creatives who've had a door slammed in their face not to give up. With a look of resolve, Stone held up her award and said, "This is for you." I certainly didn't win an award, but [...]

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My Word for 2017

I had some difficulty choosing my "One Word" for 2017. I even made a chunky list of cliches and guesses and nonsense. Still nothing. It's not like you HAVE to have a word attributed to your new year. I just enjoy the challenge. Like I'm being dared to summarize everything I feel and wish and [...]

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My 2016 In Review – Using Only Screenshots

When you reach the end of a year, it's nice to glance back, right? I'm excited about 2017, but 2016 really had some major moments. So, I thought I'd take a glance back at what this year was like - as a writer, a businesswoman, a mother, a wife, and a Christ-follower. But who wants [...]

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My November Freelance Writing Income Report – $1,073.90

My husband and I have this crazy plan to pay off our house in 10 years. When I started my freelance writing business in 2015, it was to help with that goal. Unfortunately, I wasn't much help for a while. I started off working for free or earning $5 per article in content mills. Perseverance [...]

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It’s Time to Stop Feeling Guilty About Work-At-Home Mom Burnout

Originally, I was going to publish a 2500-word beast with tutorials, screenshots, and maybe even a witty GIF or two. The outline sat in my Draft folder for weeks, mocking me every time I logged on. The words just wouldn't crochet themselves together this time. I used to write whatever I wanted on my blog, but [...]

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