37 Movies About Writers That Will Inspire Your Weekend Creativity

After putting the kids to bed, I used to think, "Now I can get some writing done." Not so much. It's like my brain has been swapped out by lard after 8:00 PM. This was [...]

My April Freelance Writing Income Report – $2,799.70

I began my freelance writing career in 2015, making $5 per article or less. Those were the days of ghostwriting in content mills and guest posting on blogs for free. Since then, I've grown my [...]

My New eBook “The Stay-at-Home Mom Blueprint” Is Here! [50% Off Code Enclosed]

I'm so excited to introduce a brand new resource to you! "The Stay-at-Home Mom Blueprint" is my very first eBook and it's available now! The stay-at-home what? I've heard from so many women who desperately [...]

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My March Freelance Writing Report – $1,619.40

Business is growing, but the struggle to maintain that elusive thing called "balance" increases. I now have three steady clients with whom I greatly enjoy working. The work is challenging and meaningful. I publish approximately [...]

February Freelance Writing Income Report – $1,061.80

In 2015, I began a journey as a freelance writer. I was a stay-at-home mom with a passion for writing, but not much clue how to monetize it. I earned my first few dollars as [...]

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Why I Talk About My Faith On My Blog

When I pursued a serious career in blogging in 2015, my first effort was a self-hosted personal finance blog called Piggy Bank Dreams. It centered around helping families make wiser financial decisions while enjoying their [...]

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