My June Freelance Writing Income Report – How I Earned $1,466.14

The other day, a book on my nightstand caught my eye. It was Ernest Hemingway's memoir "A Moveable Feast." The photo of clean-shaven, twenty-something Hemingway sent a chill through me that day. Something about his [...]

The Soul-Soothing Benefits of Giving Your Work to God

Today we have a guest writer joining us! HJ Ozborn is a rural Nebraska girl currently living in Urban Colorado. Outside of her work in the world of mental health she is a writer, for hobby [...]

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My Top 3 Strategies for Organically Growing Your Facebook Page [VIDEO]

VIDEO LESSON - You don't get to see this side of me very often, but I've spent the last few months trying out new media techniques to spread my message. Video is one of my [...]

My May Freelance Writing Income Report and Book Launch Results – $2,512.24

Each month, I learn more and more about this world of freelance writing. I'm keen to share my recent discoveries with you all. Last month was an experience like no other. I bring you my [...]

20 Office Essentials for Monetizing Your Freelance Writing Business

When I began freelance writing, I used an old (and very slow) laptop my husband gave me when we were dating. Other than that, I used PayPal, Microsoft Word, and a few Excel spreadsheets to [...]

37 Movies About Writers That Will Inspire Your Weekend Creativity

After putting the kids to bed, I used to think, "Now I can get some writing done." Not so much. It's like my brain has been swapped out by lard after 8:00 PM. This was [...]

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