I began my freelance writing career in 2015, making $5 per article or less. Those were the days of ghostwriting in content mills and guest posting on blogs for free. Since then, I’ve grown my business as a work-at-home mom, spending 10 to 15 hours per week on writing. To see how things are going these days, I’m excited to present you with my April freelance writing income report!

Before I get into the numbers, I want to briefly explain why I publish these income reports. It’s not out of some need to boast or to say I’ve mastered the art of freelancing. Far from it. When I was first beginning, it took reading reports like this from real people who were breaking ground, learning new skills, taking risks, and achieving milestones.

If you have the dream of getting paid to write, then let this report be an encouragement and a resource to you.

My April Writing Income Report – How I Made $2,799.70 Working Part-Time As a Freelance Writer


It’s truly a privilege to do what I love while I’m home with my kids. To make money while I’m doing it is unbelievable.

April came with its share of challenges and opportunities. I finished preparations for launching my new eBook, “The Stay-at-Home Mom Blueprint: 150 Strategies to Chop Debt, Save Money, and Afford Your Dream of Staying Home.” It launched on May 1st and I couldn’t be more excited!

sahm blueprint

If you’ve ever dreamed of spending more time at home with your kids, but finances are preventing you, then I encourage you to check out my eBook. It shares my financial story of overcoming huge financial obstacles to achieve my dream of staying home full-time. Also, it includes practicals ways to save money, get out of debt, and even make money from home.

Use my discount code BLUEPRINT50 to buy “The Stay-at-Home Mom Blueprint” for 50% off! This offer expires on May 31, 2017, so don’t miss out!

Also in April, I flew to Denver for five days and got my first true taste of working on the road. It’s not for the faint of heart, let me tell you.

I’ve also been focusing a lot of energy on building my Facebook page, and in April, it crossed over 1,000 likes! The reason I’m so excited about that number isn’t because it’s particularly earth-shattering. Instead, I’ve been building a niche-specific following of women like me who are raising children and passionate about freelance writing and blogging. And it’s the best thing ever! I love our weekly discussions on all things parenting and writing. Developing an organic following has increased my engagement, likes, shares, and even click-throughs to here.

Much of the strategies I’ve applied toward that effort came from a tremendous eBook called “Strategies Worth Sharing.” The author organically grew her page from 2,000 likes to 100,000 in five months. Seriously.

Now, let’s take a look at my income breakdown for April!

Writing – $2,575

I have a few consistent clients for whom I write weekly. Also, I’ve talked about it before, but if you haven’t created a writing portfolio on Contently, yet, now is the time. Some higher-paying opportunities came, nearly doubling my income from previous months. Those opportunities in particular really pushed me to new limits as a writer and I’m grateful.

Here is how it works:

Set up a portfolio on Contently. It was created by journalists who wanted serious writers to have a way to connect with serious clients (like Walmart and IBM and Facebook).

Several months after I created my portfolio, I was chosen by Contently’s talent team to be added to a client’s team of writers. It was exciting, but I discovered that I still had to work hard for my supper.

Whenever my client needs articles, they notify the writing team, asking us to pitch our ideas on certain topics. We all pitch as many ideas as our brains can conjure and they accept their favorite idea.

You then have a set amount of time to complete the writing project. Typically, they request a few revisions and then BOOM. You get paid. I make between $500 and $750 per article with this current client. Once, they even commissioned me to write a 3000-word guidebook and paid me over $3,600 for it!

Get on Contently! Meanwhile, write, write, write. Even if it’s something unpaid, it can be showcased on your portfolio and may or may not be your shoe into better paying opportunities.

Affiliate Sales – $30

With my attention focused primarily on my book launch in April, not much energy was spent in this arena. However, I’ve created enough evergreen content with affiliate links that they passively generate a small income for me on their own.

I’ll be focusing more heavily on affiliate marketing this summer. I still think it’s a fantastic income stream for writers, especially when done in moderation and ethically.  

(Want to try your hands at affiliate marking? You can become an affiliate for my new eBook, “The Stay-at-Home Mom Blueprint” Earn a 50% commission for every book you sell through your customized affiliate URL. That’s $5 per $10 purchase. You’d earn back every penny you spent on my book with your first sale if you buy my book using BLUEPRINT50 at checkout!)

Social Media Management – $194.70

I really enjoy my monthly responsibilities as a social media manager. Typically, I spend most of the time in the following ways:

  • Searching for engaging content to share
  • Posting content with my scheduling app Hootsuite
  • Commenting and interacting
  • Watching out for spammers and the like

If you have an interest in doing social media management, conduct a Litmus test on your own social media channels and see how they’re performing. That intentionality was my first step to becoming a confident SMM.

Total Income – $2,799.70

Total Expenses – (645.75)

My monthly expenses come from things like PayPal fees, child care, outsourcing, education, and business-related software. These expenses do not reflect taxes or tithe.

What’s next for my business?

My primary efforts in May are to get the word out about my new eBook.  I’d love to have your help promoting it! Just click on my sales page and share it on social media or direct people toward my Facebook page.

Launching my first product here on my website was a huge milestone, years in the making. Now, I’m inspired to break ground on another in 2017. Perhaps a book for moms who write?

Lastly, the first sign of green broke through the dirt in our container garden last week, (I may have squealed) so I’ve officially not failed as a gardener. Yet. That means May will be the month I try to keep my spinach and lettuce plants alive. The kids are helping, so I’m optimistic.

What writing projects are you working on this month? I’d love to hear about them!

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